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Your Hair Color Personality Test

  1. Welcome to the Hair Color quiz. You will be asked a series of 18 questions in which you will choose the answer that best describes your personality or reaction. You may find that your actual hair color matches your personality or maybe, it doesn't. In any case, have fun and choose each answer to the best of your ability.

  2. 1

    You prefer colors that are

  3. 2

    Your most shining character trait is

  4. 3

    When it comes to being knowledgable on matters, you tend to

  5. 4

    Which do you feel is the best quality to have?

  6. 5

    How do you feel about brightness/lighting?

  7. 6

    When confronted to admit a mistake you've made, you often

  8. 7

    Your most known negative personality trait is

  9. 8

    Are you easily fooled by someone's lies?

  10. 9

    Choose among these ice cream flavours.

  11. 10

    You strike others as someone who loves

  12. 11

    When it comes to talking, you are

  13. 12

    When tested as a good listener, you generally

  14. 13

    How important is the upkeep of your physical appearance to you?

  15. 14

    Suppose you had bought a device with buttons and contraptions and, you weren't sure how it worked. What would you do?

  16. 15

    Suppose you are travelling out of state with only a standard fold-out map. You are likely to

  17. 16

    How would you go about trying to figure another person out?

  18. 17

    Are you the type of person to admit when you are wrong or don't know something?

  19. 18

    Last question, which of the following qualities is sexiest in a potential partner/love interest to you?


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