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The Will I Be Single Forever? Test

  1. This is the 'Will I Be Single Forever Test.' =) Hopefully it's gonna make you all realise that being the ice queen is not always the best idea! Sometimes its much better to just warm up a bit! And if you take note from this test, who knows who with! ;) Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!
  2. 1
    Have you ever seen a good looking guy in a bar and deliberately ignored him because you didnt want to be caught looking at him?

  3. 2
    Do your friends tell you you need to chill out when it comes to men?

  4. 3
    Do you ever hear your friends saying ''Go on a few dates, not every man is a loser!''

  5. 4
    In your lifetime, how many dates have you been on, Total?

  6. 5
    How many guys have you turned down for dates? (Approx)

  7. 6
    A little personal now, how many sexual partners have you had, Total.

  8. 7
    Have you ever turned down a date because you were too scared to say yes?

  9. 8
    If you know someone fancies you do you take the piss out of them in front of your friends even though you like the person secretly?

  10. 9
    Do you talk to the person if you see them out in a bar?

  11. 10
    You dont want to go on a date with this person (even though you want to) because...


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