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The "what motorbike should i buy" Test

  1. Greetings fellow road warrior.

    So you want a hot, throbbing machine between your legs but aren't sure what type to get? Or maybe you just want the hot throbbing part and don't really care in what guise it comes...

    ...either way, i'm doubtful that this test will really give much insight into the type of bike you should own, but it'll kill a few minutes of your boring day in the office and move you closer to the weekend.

  2. Get your motor running...

  3. 1

    Why do you want a motorbike?

  4. 2

    What kind of music do you like?

  5. 3

    What kinda clothes do you wear?

  6. 4

    Do you like bright coloured clothes?

  7. 5

    How about chrome?

  8. 6

    Do you want to ride long distances on your bike?

  9. 7

    Safety gear of choice?

  10. 8


  11. 9

    How d'ya want your bike to sound?

Ok, I'm done

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