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written by mobius_stripper

The "What's My Fantasy Pet?" Test

  1. Much as mankind has always dreamed of destroying the sun, most of us have, at one time in our lives, dreamed about owning a chimera or some other fantastic abomination as a pet. We imagine riding the mighty moon worm, or spelunking with a balrog. The question is: how do I know that the pet I dream up (or hallucinate) during the commercial breaks of my favorite prime time animated drama is really right for me? Is a catoblepus difficult to clean up after? How often do succubi go into heat?

    Choosing among ordinary, mundane pets is relatively algorithmic. With imaginary pets, however, the possibilities are limitless and the correlation of various species with human personality traits has not been rigorously investigated...until now!

    This test will help you get a better grasp on what kind of fantasy pet you should own based on your personality and pet specifications.



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