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The Ultimate TRUE IRISH Test

  1. A lot of people are "Irish" around St. Patrick's day. Irishness is exploited as an excuse to drink, fight and have a pale complexion. We REAL IRISH are furious, and now we are going to weed out the pretenders from the REAL Fenians.
  3. 1
    What nation has the history of oppressing the Irish?

  4. 2
    What Tribal People are ancestors of Irish people?

  5. 3
    Who is credited with converting the Irish ancestory from paganism to Catholicism?

  6. 4
    What image did this Saint use to help the Irish ancestory understand God?

  7. 5
    What is the native language of the Irish People

  8. 6
    What are the colors of the flag of the Irish Republic? (In no particular order)

  9. 7
    The failure of what crop led to Irish poverty and influenced a wave or Irish Immigration

  10. 8
    What do the letters "IRA" stand for?

  11. 9
    The IRA is:

  12. 10
    The best-known Irish Beer is:


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