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The Transgendered Test

  1. This test is intended to measure to what degree, if any, you feel more in place with the opposite sex. Unlike many tests of this type, you will NOT be asked questions based purely on gender stereotypes. (ex. Are you good at math, do you clean when you are stressed, do you have a good sense of direction, etc) Those types of questions have NO pyschological relativity to being transgendered, so rest easy, no black and white or stereotype based stuff here. All this being said, it is VERY important that you answer all the questions in full. If you skip even ONE you will not get accurate results (unless a question prompts you to skip under a certain circumstance). If you are serious about this test, then you are obviously questioning your gender identity. It is therefore important that you answer questions truthfully. Do not try and guess at answers to get a desired result, that defeats the whole purpose of this test. If you arn't so serious and are just taking it for fun, that's cool to. However I would like to stress that I am not a professional on this subject, but I do have experience and knowledge about it and I can offer some advice based on your score. So don't take your test results as a set in stone factual judgement. The test is 20 questions and you will recieve a score of 0-100 at the end. As a final note, if you are intent on sending me messages about how you are morally opposed to this test, save your breathe, hardcore narrow-minded bigots will be promptly blocked. On the other hand, if you have rational suggestions about how to improve this test, I am open to your feedback.


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