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The Mental Illness Quiz

  1. Welcome to the official Mental Illness Quiz.  This quiz will provide an accurate analysis of which Mental Illness you would most likely have.  Your tested using these four variables: Depression, Obsession, Delusion, and Anxiety.


    Phase 1: Multiple choice questions will analyze your Mental Illness.  

    Phase 2: True or false questions will determine the severity of your condition.  

    Phase 3: Ink blot questions will uncover hidden truths.  


    Please note that if you lie, cheat, or steal on this quiz the results will not be 100% accurate.  By clicking on the button below you agree to not hold the maker of this test responsible for any extra  depression that may occur upon you finding out that you are mentally ill.  Don’t worry there is something wrong with everybody and help is just around the corner.  The bright side is that there should at least be some really great pills you can get from your doctor. 

I agree. Lets get started.

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