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written by AllenMS828

The Magic Card Trick Test

  1. This isn't really so much a test as an online magic trick. I'll show you a layout of cards, and you'll choose one of them to be your card. Then, if you follow the instructions provided, I'll be able to tell you what your card is at the end of the "test". Please be sure you make only one selection per each of the three layouts, or I won't be able to tell you what card you picked. If you accidentally click the wrong link on one of the first two layouts, just click Back on your browser to return to the previous layout.

    (Note: I'd like to give credit to The Real Choose Your Own Adventure Test by Zeppoloveskafka for providing me with an example of how to make this sort of "test" work. It's a fun test, and you should give it a try!)


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