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written by NovaDraconis

The "Improved" What Kind of MMO Player are You? Test

  1. Welcome to my test.  We will use strange and mythical divinition to extrapolate what kind of player you are.  Well....not really.  Id be more than content to beat the information out of you with a plain stick, but then I have to deal with the body and....well its not worth it....So magical doohickies extrapo-whatsits it is!  Youll be asked how you would respond and deal with situations in any given MMO.  For example "Some kid is whining about how sad his life is"  do you beat him, kill him, boil him....errr.  Ok well bad example, but you get the idea.....Anyway, if you dont play MMO's and are taking this test, all I have to say is WTFNUBZLOL.  *ahem*  Sorry, what I meant to say is hopefully this might poke u into joining one.  If it doesn't, I will kidnap you and forcefeed l33tspeak into your eyes till they cry coded text!  In either case...I hope you all enjoy :)

    PS:  Sorry about the rampant WoW pics.  Its all I really had to work with


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