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written by punky16

The Five Senses Test

  1. This is a test to determine if your ayervedic dosha is kapha, vata, or pitta. Kapha's are dominated by taste, touch, and smell. Vata's are dominated by what they hear. Pitta's are dominated by what they see. And each one has a recommended diet and personality associated with it. I hope you like this test! :P

  2. Look at the three pictures below. The first picture will represent the letter a. The second picture will represent the letter b. The third picture will represent the letter c. Read each description and answer the question below. (You may need a magnifying glass...it shrunk the picture to fit the page.  You could always right click and view image to see if that helps make it bigger.)
  3. 1

    Which description above fits you the best?


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