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The Empathy Quotient Scale

  1. This test will tell you your Empathy Quotient.


    Empathy is about spontaneously and naturally tuning into the other person's thoughts and feelings, whatever these might be [...]There are two major elements to empathy. The first is the cognitive component: Understanding the others feelings and the ability to take their perspective [...] the second element to empathy is the affective component. This is an observers appropriate emotional response to another person's emotional state.

    -Simon Baron-Cohen (2003)


    Simon Baron-Cohen and S. Wheelwright produced a scale to measure empathy called the Empathy Quotient, or EQ. This test is directly and accurately based on that scale as it too is a self report questionnaire. Rate how each of the follwoing 60 statements correspond with your natural thoughts or behavior. Answer truthfully, not wishfully.

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