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The Do You Have an Edge Test

  1. Hi! And welcome to the "Do You Have an Edge Test". I'll be using excruciatingly honed techniques & precise inquisition to determine if you are the kind of person that has "that edge" that makes you slightly rebelliously alluring, or if you are more of a "safe and tame" mainstream thinker type person.
  2. 1
    How many days a year do you blow off work in favor of adventure?

  3. 2
    What does this image do to you?

  4. 3
    Burningman....ever been?

  5. 4
    What is this chart for?

  6. 5
    Public Nudity...ever done it?

  7. 6
    What is your life's purpose?

  8. 7
    Do you ever rely on a psychic sense or intuition in your life?

  9. 8
    Virtual reality: Is it a valuable resource in human relations?

  10. 9
    Who would Jesus kill?

  11. 10
    Your wardrobe: what's it like?

  12. 11
    What do you think of the word: sin?

  13. 12
    Do you believe in the power of undergarments?

  14. 13
    Would you jump?

  15. 14
    Does this entice you?


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