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The Dark Triad Test

  1. Hello there, welcome to the Dark Triad test. This test is designed to tell you whether or not you have the dubious distinction of exhibiting high degrees of Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy. Many studies have been done on this psychological grouping and, though one might think that high degrees of these elements would give one the classic designation of villainous evil, it turns out that -- especially in the case of men -- there is a distinct advantage to being a manipulative, self-obsessed, dehumanizing, thrill-seeking, detached jerk.

     Males who highly exemplify the traits of the Dark Triad are seen as more attractive to women across all cultures, economic strata, and whatever other demographics. Furthermore, no matter the gender, they also have an advantage over everyone else when it comes to competing socially and in their careers. It’s a sad but measured fact, it really pays to be evil – at least in the classical, literary sense of the word.

    So, with this test, I’ll be attempting to pool together what psychological testing resources I could find to determine how much you embody the three aspects of the Dark Triad. Depending on what you want out of life, it might be a fantastic thing to have a high score.

    Remember, the only way to know the truest result is to answer honestly. Have fun!

    Note: For some reason, some of the questions have a larger font size than the others. This is not because they are more significant, it is because re-sizing the fonts through the test creation software is janky.


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