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The Clerks II Test

  1. Hi, and welcome to my clerks II test. This is my first time writing a test and I think it will be pretty easy for those out there that are Kevin Smith fans. Good luck and I hope you enjoy it.
  2. 1
    Why did the Quick Stop burn down?

  3. 2
    Where did our heroes got to work after they left the Quick stop?

  4. 3
    Who was the third male member of the restaurant trio?

  5. 4
    Why did Randall call Dante an ass kiss?

  6. 5
    What does Dante tell Randall you never do?

  7. 6
    What is the nickname given to Jason Lee's character?

  8. 7
    What is put on the burger that he orders?

  9. 8
    Who is Kelly?


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