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The am I a Lesbian? Test

  1. Are you a little TOO friendly with your girlfriends? Maybe your a Lesbian... Take this quiz & find out!!
  2. 1
    What would you consider your sexuality to be?

  3. 2
    The last time you got drunk you... (not bc you were dared or anything, but because you WANTED to)

  4. 3
    An attractive female hugs you- whoever they may be for whatever the reason. You...

  5. 4
  6. 5
    Think of the most important female in your life. Someone who is NOT a relative. How would you best describe your relationship to her?

  7. 6
    How do you feel about Gay rights?

  8. 7
    Stick out your tongue as far as you can without hurting yourself.

  9. 8
    Look at your fingers

  10. 9
    Women have occasionally slipped into my thoughts while I'm... taking care of some things...

  11. 10
    How far would you be willing to go with a girl?

  12. 11
  13. 12
    What if someone accused you of being Lez/Bi?

  14. 13
    What gender are you?


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